Range Brass for Sale

WEGC T-Shirts & Ball Caps are back in STOCK.

You can NOW pick up a WEGC Ultra Cotton T-Shirt @ the range -WITH A POCKET!

The shirts are available at the range, in 2 colors: SAND & SPORT GREY

HATS AND SHIRTS AVAILABLE at the Range, from a Rangemaster F, Sat, Sun …more INFORMATION









NRA membership proof- requirement LIMITED MEMBERS as of Jan 1 2015

NRA membership proof- requirement LIMITED MEMBERS as of Jan 1 2015. Join through WEGC and save $10.00

Range Activities – Come join the fun

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Loving our Range

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We are a PRIVATE CLUB and open to MEMBERS and their guests.  Guests are welcome to attend our weekend shooting events. See our club CALENDAR for more information. 


Range Rules – REMINDER

Do not dump E-Waste  , petroleum products or any other hazardous waste in the WEGC trashcans or dumpsters.

Members are responsible to clean up after themselves and their guests.  Deposit trash in the appropriate trashcans, dumpsters or pack it up and take it home.  This includes spent casings or shotgun hulls.


Firing Line AM590 host Phillip Naman interviews WEGC

Firing Line AM590 host Phillip Naman.

click on link to learn more. WEGC members talk about the club, activities, and facilities.