California: Anti-Gun Language Amended into Budget Bill

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California: Anti-Gun Language Amended into Budget Bill

Assembly Bill 103, a budget trailer bill, was recently amended to include substantial policy changes that could remove your Second Amendment rights without due process. AB 103 is scheduled to be heard on Tuesday, June 13. Please use our TAKE ACTION button below to contact the members of the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee and also CALL the Committee Members and urge them to OPPOSE AB 103.  Committee member phone numbers are listed below. 

Current law prohibits a person from owning, purchasing, receiving, possessing, or having under his/her custody or control a firearm upon conviction of a felony or for ten years upon conviction of a specified misdemeanor (29085 pc).

AB 103 would make a substantial change to current law by significantly expanding the prohibiting categories to include persons who have a warrant for a felony or disqualifying misdemeanor. This drastic policy change will violate an individual’s right to due process as warrants can be issued without notice or hearing. Furthermore, this policy is not germane to the budget and would circumvent the normal legislative process for policy measures.

AB 103 also contains additional money and a time for the Department of Justice to implement and allow for the registration of newly classified “assault weapons.” To read more on the recently submitted “assault weapon” regulations click here.

Committee Members:

Senator Holly J. Mitchell (Chair)(916) 651-4030

Senator Jim Nielsen (Vice Chair)(916) 651- 4004

Senator Joel Anderson(916) 651- 4038

Senator Jim Beall(916) 651-4015

Senator Steven M. Glazer(916) 651-4007

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson(916) 651-4019

Senator Mike McGuire(916) 651- 4002

Senator Tony Mendoza(916) 651- 4032

Senator Bill Monning(916) 651-4017

Senator John M. W. Moorlach – (916) 651- 4037

Senator Richard Pan(916) 651-4006

Senator Anthony J. Portantino(916) 651-4025

Senator Richard D. Roth(916) 651- 4031

Senator Nancy Skinner(916) 651-4009

Senator Jeff Stone(916) 651- 4028

Senator Bob Wieckowski(916) 651-4010

Senator Scott Wilk(916) 651- 4021

Please continue to check your inbox and for updates on issues impacting your Second Amendment rights and hunting heritage in California.



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