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ESA shooters,

Our March match is scheduled for Saturday the 17th. The weather forecast is expected to be partly cloudy with a high of 48 degrees.

Please sign up for the match on Practiscore starting today and running through 6 PM on Friday.   We are not using the “pay in advance feature” or squadding features currently.  We are retaining our time-plus scoring format. To sign-up go to:



Go to Practiscore.com and locate the match is the “clubs” section and sign-up.  We will not be squadding on Practiscore yet as we need to work our way into it.

Remember our match is a 3 Gun event.  If you wish to shoot just a pistol or, pistol / shotgun you may, but scoring will be based on three guns not, one or two. A pistol caliber carbine simply replaces a centerfire rifle, meaning you have to shoot a pistol and a shotgun.

We hope this new format will not only enhance the shooter experience but bring additional shooters into the fold.

Upon arriving at the range everyone is required to check-in with the Range Masters at the Main range and state they are shooting the LESA match.  Please keep your speed to 5 mph on the range.

Expect 5 stages. We may, may shoot out to 265 yards if it all works out.

The match fees are: Members $15.00 – Non-members $25.00.  That’s still a bargain considering other match fees running $30 -$40.

Here are the ammo requirements (these are minimums):

200 pistol
25 Bird shot
50-80 rifle
5 Rifled slugs
5 rounds of 9 or 12 pellet 00 buckshot

If possible, please load your pistol & rifle magazines before the match starts to assure a prompt start.

Please refer to the LESA link on the excellent WEGC page for information and normal ammo requirements:  http://www.wegc.org/wordpress/?page_id=89

Contact us if you have questions.

Please check the WEGC web site the night before or morning of the match.  If there’s a fire or other calamity we will post the cancellation of the match.

See you at the range, should be a great day for shooting.

Thanks……………………….George, Andrew, Terry and everyone else who assists with our match.

George Zagurski

Andrew Ellingwood

Source: LESA Match – March 17, 2018 – L.E.S.A. – WEGC-User Forum

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