Bay Reservation

1. RECREATIONAL (available to Full members ONLY)Recreational Use is defined as “relating to or denoting activity done for enjoyment when one is not working.” -Annual members wanting to reserve a portion of the WEGC range for recreational uses must first apply through the WEGC Recreational Bay Reservation Committee  Annual members who wish to either use a specific area at a specific time or host more than the normally allowed 3 guests per Annual-type member must complete the WEGC reservation application form and submit it for approval to A separate form is required for each day requested.

2.NON-RECREATIONAL(located at Bottom of page) “Non-Recreational Use is defined as any activity not covered by the Recreational Use Policy.”

Bay Reservation – members only RECREATIONAL

DOWNLOAD Recreational FORM

NEW for 2017* WSO CERTIFICATION   The BoD requires a 3:1 guest:member ratio for all recreational events. As of March  2017, you may CERTIFY your guests to become a WSO (WEGC SAFETY OVERSEER).  An online CERTIFICATION PROCESS takes only minutes to accomplish. WSOs can be used in the place of members to help oversee an event and satisfy the 3:1 ratio. Guests will be required to:

  1. Register online at the time of the testing
  2. Be familiar with current WEGC range rules, general gun safety
  3. Take (self-directed) test, results are immediate upon completion)
  4. Obtain 100% on score (may take as many times as necessary to pass)
  5. Show Certification & ID at the event, to the range master on duty
  6. Member must include WSO guest’s name on Bay reservation request


Full members, knowledgeable of WEGC range rules, can request a bay be reserved for them, for a specific day and timeframe. The use of the bay, can only be used for RECREATIONAL PURPOSES. Members should first review the online CLUB CALENDAR to make sure a bay is available during the requested time and date. The Reservation Committee will in part approved bay reservations based on a review of the applications to determine if the specific area is available for the date & time applied for. The Master Event Calendar maintained by the Vice President needs to be checked conflicts.

Members must provide the SAFETY oversight for all guests during the activity. The cost for reserving a bay is $100.00/day/bay, due at the time of the event. Recreational Range Reservation fees must be paid to the Range Staff by cash or check in advance of the start of the event by the Annual member. Members must maintain a ratio of 1 member for every 3 guests, as detailed in the club’s range rules. The request should be submitted 14+ days in advance of the event. The Vice President (maintains club calendar approvals) and the Range Director (oversees Safety for the range), must both approve the event. The Webmaster will post the event to the club’s calendar with updates and approvals as they occur. [The Webmaster, may substitute, for either or both parties as an approver, if the VP or RD are absent or unable to participate in the process. Approvals, denials, or requests for amendments; are normally given to the member within 2 days of submission. All submission shall be sent to RESERVATION@WEGC.ORG to be considered and will be delivered to the Reservation Committee, at the same time. (The Reservation Committee shall consist of the Vice President, Range Director, Webmaster)

All guests/visitors must fill out LIABILITY WAIVERS and they must be turned in on the day of the event. LIABILITY WAIVER may be downloaded from the website.

All RANGE RULES must be followed. A copy of the RANGE RULES may be downloaded from the website.







Range/Bay USE – All paperwork must be submitted to the Board of Directors before an event. A club member must be present and sponsor the event.

All paperwork must be submitted to Board of Directors before an event can be approved and placed on the club calendar.