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Our range is located in Meyer Canyon, 1 mile off of Lytle Creek Rd. You must cross a rocky creek bed for about 100 yards, then go on our dirt road back 1 mile. Low profile behicles may find it more difficult to cross creek bed. Drive slowly. Flooding can occur at any time from an upstream dam. Use Caution and cross at your own risk. Passenger vehicles can cross without difficulty on most days. 100 yards of rock-filled creek bed before dirt road. NOTE: To 1st time visitors – You must cross a large creek bed to access range and then proceed on a dirt road for about 1 mile. Low profile vehicles may find it difficult to cross. However, passenger vehicles should not have difficulty getting across creek bed. use caution when flooding is possible. Fast moving water can be dangerous.

Directions to the SHOOTING RANGE  (ALL Shooting Activities) Devore/Lytle Creek are – MEYER CANYON

Note:The address given here is NOT the club address, but it is the closest address to the club entrance and can be used in your GPS to get you close. Watch for entrance sign on East side of Lytle Creek Rd. Then cross creek and go back into canyon for about one mile.


I-15 North–>Exit @ Sierra Ave. (EXIT 119)–>North (which becomes Lytle Creek Rd.)(towards mountains), –> 1.3 miles, past water tanks. Look for WEGC sign. Turn onto dirt road & cross Lytle Creek. Go up canyon on dirt road 1 mile to range. DRIVE SLOWLY

We are located on County Fire Road 1N33 – See directions, maps, and gps coordinates below. We cannot give you an address. Note: 3070 Lytle Creek Road, Lytle Creek, CA is the closest address to our turnoff. You can use it for directions in your GPS. Go about 1/3 mile further to turnoff. We are located in Meyers Canyon. Some groups identify us as Devore, Lytle Creek, Glen Helen – but we are not technically in those lcoations. We are located on county road 1N33, one mile North from Lytle Creek Ave.

HoursFull Club members have access to the range, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (except during schedule events.

Hours – Limited Members are limited to the use of the Main range on Fri, Sat, Sun, from 8am to 4pm, only when the Range-master is there working. Limited Members are not entitled to a GATE CODE nor a vote in club business. The Main Range is closed on major holidays.Limited Memberships do not allow the members to vote. West End Gun Club Shooting Facility is near Lytle Creek, Devore, Glen Helen, but we are not technically in those locations. See maps below. Our (near) 80 acre range site is located in Meyers Canyon, twenty minutes west of San Bernardino/

Range Gate LATITUDE, LONGITUDE 34.212086073035955, -117.44398874046055

Turn-off from Lytle Creek Rd. LATITUDE, LONGITUDE 34.20125225009602, -117.44815313819345

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turnoff map to go to the range[wpgmza id=”1″]

WEGC TURNOFF signs posted

wegc signs at turnoff

Directions to the CLUBHOUSE/MEETING HALL (open 2nd Tuesday each month) (NO SHOOTING ACTIVITIES HERE) -ONTARIO, CA

CLUBHOUSE/MEETING HALL – ONTARIO, CA    (NO Shooting activities here)

Clubhouse Address – /CLUB MEETINGS: 1324 E. Fourth Street Ontario, CA 91764

Second Tuesday of each month Hours 6:30-9:00 (aprox) 1324 E. Fourth Street Ontario, CA 91764 Located at the southeast corner of Fourth Street and Grove. Aprox 1100 feet West of the E10 exit @ 4th Street, Ontario (NOTE- the Range is not at this address- see below) There is NO Shooting in Ontario.

GPS INFORMATION LATITUDE, LONGITUDE 34.07722308500475,   -117.62777745723724

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