Founded way back in 1875, the California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA) is an organization of sportsmen dedicated to the preservation of our American heritage. In this age of constant political attacks on the rights of law-abiding citizens to own and use firearms for legitimate purposes, the CRPA is the state organization dedicated to protecting firearm freedoms and promoting shooting sports solely in the State of California.

CRPA’s lobbyist in Sacramento fights adverse firearms legislation and advances laws that will protect your rights.

CRPA’s Counsel for Litigation and Local Affairs files appropriate litigation against the state or cities that pass unconstitutional or illegal ill-conceived gun control laws, monitors local legislative efforts, and mobilizes CRPA’s resources to oppose those efforts as necessary.

CRPA’s bimonthly publication, The Firing Line and website keeps its members abreast of current legislative and shooting news, as well as offering a public forum so members can express their views in print.

Though the CRPA is the official state association of the National Rifle Association, the CRPA is a stand alone California non-profit corporation, independently controlled by its own Board of Directors. CRPA’s members include: law enforcement officers, prosecutors, professionals, firearm experts, the general public, and loving parents.

Historically, the CRPA has played an important role in promoting the shooting sports by conducting state championship matches for adults and young shooters, teaching firearms safety, and supporting state teams to the national championships each year.


  • AB 521 Talking Points Memo August 18, 2017
    AB 521 Talking Points: California has seen a steady decline in Hunters over the last 30 years. Hunters are a very important tool for wildlife managers in keeping wildlife populations in check with habitat. Hunters bring in millions of dollars each year to fund the Department of Fish and Wildlife. In 2016 hunting license sales … Continued The post AB 521 Talk […]
    Ted Stelle
  • CRPA and NRA to Host Webinar on Approved “Assault Weapon” Regulations August 3, 2017
    On July 31, 2017, the Office of Administrative Law (“OAL”) officially approved DOJ’s proposed “bullet-button assault weapon” regulations. These regulations are now law, and they, among other things, govern how owners of certain “bullet-button assault weapons” are to register their firearms with DOJ by July 1, 2018. The OAL’s approval is surprising because th […]
    Ryan Hallenberg
  • California Office of Administrative Law Approves DOJ’s Proposed “Assault Weapon” Regulations—Lawsuit Soon to be Filed August 2, 2017
    Today, the Office of Administrative Law officially approved DOJ’s proposed “bullet-button assault weapon” regulations. These regulations are a result of the enactment of Senate Bill 880 and Assembly Bill 1135, both of which classify certain firearms required to be equipped with “bullet buttons” as “assault weapons” under California law. Pursuant to this chan […]
    Ryan Hallenberg
  • Anti-Gun Agenda Paused for Summer Break July 25, 2017
    Playing the Waiting Game This last week, the California legislature broke for its annual summer recess. While our representatives are on vacation, they have left behind a host of toxic anti-gun legislation in various stages of the legislative process. Now, you may think this would be a good thing; if the legislature isn’t meeting, they … Continued The post A […]
    Ryan Hallenberg
  • D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals—“Law-Abiding Citizen’s Right to Bear Common Arms Must Enable The Typical Citizen to Carry a Gun” July 25, 2017
    On Tuesday, July 25, The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals issued its anticipated decision in the case of Grace v. District of Columbia, and issued a permanent injunction prohibiting D.C. from enforcing its “good reason” (i.e., a special need beyond self-defense) requirement for the issuance of a CCW. For decades, Washington D.C. barred residents from … Continue […]
    Ryan Hallenberg
  • DOJ Introduces Proposed Regulations Adding “Privacy Notices” to Firearm Related Forms July 24, 2017
    On Monday, July 24, the California Department of Justice introduced another set of proposed regulations, this time for the purpose of adding required “privacy notices” to certain firearm related forms.Members may recall that last December, DOJ’s Privacy Office began mailing letters like this one to certified Firearm Safety Instructors informing them that DOJ […]
    Ryan Hallenberg
  • NRA and CRPA Attorneys Obtain DOJ’s Latest (Third) Attempt At “Assault Weapon” Regulations July 21, 2017
      As reported earlier today, the California Department of Justice has resubmitted proposed “assault weapon” regulations to the Office of Administrative Law as “File and Print Only,” which will prohibit public comment on any of the proposed regulations. Moments ago, NRA and CRPA attorneys received a copy of the proposed regulations from the Office of … Contin […]
    Ryan Hallenberg
    Recently, without warning or any notification, the California Department of Justice submitted another set of proposed regulations for the registration of newly classified “assault weapons” to the Office of Administrative Law. As with their past two attempts, DOJ has once again listed these regulations as “File and Print Only,” meaning that members of the pub […]
    Ryan Hallenberg
  • Anti-Gun/Anti-Small Business SB 464 Clears Assembly Appropriations Committee July 19, 2017
    Today, the Assembly Appropriations Committee Voted to pass SB 464 out of committee for a vote by the full Assembly. By passing out of committee, SB 464 is that much closer to becoming law. SB 464 aims to implement increased security measures for firearms dealers regarding the storage of their merchandise. Dealers would be forced … Continued The post Anti-Gun […]
    Ryan Hallenberg
  • Join The Fight Against Assault Weapons Restrictions In The Courts July 19, 2017
    Attention California Gun Owners NRA and CRPA are still accepting additional plaintiffs to join the Rupp v. Becerra lawsuit challenging California’s “assault weapon” restrictions. Anyone in the state of California who currently owns a firearm now classified as an “assault weapon” pursuant to SB 880 and AB 1135 who is interested in being a plaintiff … Continue […]
    Ryan Hallenberg


Every dollar that CRPA receives stays and works in California to support your hunting and Second Amendment rights.

Why Join CRPA

CRPA Member Benefits and Services


1. Represents California firearms owners.
2. Defends the right to self-defense.
3. Gets your message out.
4. Trains gun owners.
5. Promotes safe gun ownership & use.
6. Sanctions championship shooting competitions.
7. Protects the hunting and shooting sports.
8. Keeps you informed.

With Your Membership in the CRPA You Will:

Receive the informative bi-monthly magazine, The Firing Line. It’s timely, educational and has the information you’ve asked for, want and need.

Learn about the most recent voting records of political candidates – know who your pro-gun representatives are – it’s your valuable election guide.

Obtain for Free a copy of Know Your California Gun Laws, your CRPA Member decal and membership card.

Participate in CRPA supported State competitive shooting events

Protect your right to keep and use firearms – for sports, hobby, and peace of mind.

Maintain your right to self-defense – protect yourself when no one else will.

Honor America’s firearms heritage – It’s your Constitutional legacy.

Fight fanatical firearms restrictions – Your voice does make a difference.

Promote and supports organized, competitive and recreational shooting activities.

Support the only California-based gun owner’s rights organization with a full-time, salaried legislative advocate in Sacramento.

Combat firearms abuse through enhanced criminal penalties and law enforcement.

Support youth firearm activities such as the Jr. Olympics Training Camps, Junior State Championships and safety training.


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