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2A Info & Gun-Related News

2A Info & Gun-Related NewsInformation that is of general interest to the Second Amendment, Gun News, Laws and Regulations-relating to the Firearm Industry will be found here. Please follow and like us:

SOTG 754 – Illinois School Shooter: Good Guy with a Gun

Episode Info One more time we have witnessed how a determined good guy with a gun can save lives, this time it was an Illinois school shooter that had to be stopped. Do you remember what Illinois lawmakers proposed just

Gun Talk Texas School Attack; Physical and Mental Training; Benefits of…

Episode Info Tom talks with John Roberts from Boondocks Training Academy about the Texas school attack, and training both physically and mentally.  Plus, denial of the anti-gun crowd, and the benefits of dry firing. Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk®, 5.20.18 Hour

Gun Talk Security Expert Talks Shootings at Schools; AR15, AR10 for..

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NRA Institute for Legislative Action

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What is NEW?

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IDPA May 2018 monthly match

IDPA May 2018 monthly match Well, it looks like the weather is going to allow us to get a match in this Sunday. The weather will be mild, so don’t forget you cover garment. As always, sign-ins start at 0800hrs,

Take your shovel to the range. Practice SAFETY

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California: New Gut and Amend Aimed at Gun Shows

California: New Gut and Amend Aimed at Gun Shows Late last week, Senate Bill 221, until recently dealt with “Criminal Fines: HIV Prevention and Education,” was gutted and amended to prohibit the sale of firearms and ammunition at the Cow

Vote for LA judges support 2A – CANDIDATES supporting 2A – WEGC-User Forum

To protect the right to choose to own a gun for sport or to defend yourself and your family, there’s a lot of moving parts – and sometimes the issues can be complicated. But when it comes down to it,

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