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Silhouette Rifle – Smallbore, Lever Action,
You DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER to participate in this event.
Smallbore Silhouette 8am-1:00pm on the first Sunday of the month. – NRA approved
Lever action Silhouette 8am-1:00pm on the fourth Sunday of the month.
contact director for more information

Silhouette 1st Sunday of each month Smallbore- Juniors range

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***SILHOUETTE Lever Cowboy match 4th Sunday of each month

***Lever action silhouette doesn’t allow scopes, only open sights and peep sights are used. ***Target distances are 50 meters, 100 yds, 100 meters and 105 meters.  There is 10 targets at each distance. 4th Sunday of each month Source:***SILHOUETTE Lever

Silhouette (metallic) pictures

Silhouette (metallic) pictures. Range setup and attendees 2012 Silhouette match. Please follow and like us:

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