QUESTION: Ammo – What are your ammunition restrictions?

ANSWER: Refer to the current RANGE RULES for posted restrictions.
Range Masters have the duty to oversee and direct daily range operations. They may at their discretion, restriction certain ammunition and its use, if warranted for SAFETY REASONS.
Those types of ammunition that are NOT SPECIFICALLY banned or restricted can be used, if done so in a SAFE MANNER.
May 2014 guidelines and restrictions / taken from RANGE RULES (check RANGE RULES for updates)

9. The Small bore Silhouette / Junior range is for .22 Short, Long and Long Rifle rim-fire only.  Absolutely no .17 caliber, no magnum rim-fire, no rim-fire ammo above 1,500 fps velocity and no type of center-fire ammo use are allowed.

prohibited ammo for juniors range

6. Tracer, incendiary and armor-piercing ammunitions are not permitted at the Main Range.


15. The use of incendiary, tracer or armor-piercing ammunition is prohibited everywhere on the range.

***If you in doubt about your ammunition, ask a Range Master before using it.