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Renewal –  Limited Members must renew at the range F,Sat,Sun 8am-4pm [non-major holidays, non-Mother’s Day] ……….read more……

Membership Application Process – Waiting List online

Additional members covered under Limited Membership – NONE

Sponsors required? – NO

Initiation fee? – NO

Orientation req’d? – A small brief at-range orientation is given to new members. Specifics include range commands and range rules for main range.

Gate Code Access? – NO. Access is provided ONLY on F,Sat,Sun 8am-4pm when range masters are on duty.

Annual Dues -90.00/yr due at joining / shoot same day. Renewals available annually at date of joining.

Range Fees – 5.00/day-members, Juniors N/C, guests $10.00/day

Allowed-Guests – 2 ea.(including juniors)/ visit $10.00/day, Juniors N/C

Req’d Active NRA? – yes

Range Access – MAIN RANGE Fri,Sat,Sun 8am-4pm non-major holiday non-Mother’s day.  (We are OPEN Father’s day) Floods, fires, and other natural dangers may cause us to close the range for SAFETY. If the weather is inclement and no one is on the range, we may close early) When a major holiday falls on a weekend day, we are closed just for that day, not the whole weekend.

Limited members are restricted to MAIN RANGE and do not have access to back bays, rimfire range, shotgun ranges, or shooting pads.

Holster-carry/draw allowed? – NO

Run for office? – NO

Vote in club business? – NO

 Limited members are limited to the use of the Main Range facility on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm and only when the Range Master is present and controlling the range. The range may be closed during fires, floods, and range maintenance. The range is closed on major holidays and Mother’s day. Check website for updates.(Limited Members cannot use the back bays or long range pads, unless they are a guest of a FULL MEMBER)

Limited members pay an annual fee of $90.00. When the fee is paid the limited member receives a limited membership card, which is valid for one year from the date of issue.

During that year the Limited member may shoot at the Main Range after paying the Limited Daily Use Fee of $5.00 per visit. The Limited member may bring two guest shooters to the range when he/she is using the Main Range. The Daily Limited Guest Use Fee is $10.00.

All other Range Safety Rules that apply to the Regular Annual members apply to Limited members. Limited members do not receive the gate combination, they do not receive a club newsletter, and they are not allowed to vote at club meetings. Limited members do not have a vested interest in West End Gun Club, Inc. Limited members are not required to attend a member’s orientation. Any unsafe conduct or demeanor is cause for a Limited Membership to be immediately revoked.

note TO LIMITED MEMBERS– you can register with us and get notified before your membership has expired GO HERE

Oct 11, 2016 update- The BoD voted to CAP Limited membership, raise dues, and create a waiting list/re-enrollment system for Limited Members. Limited Member dues will increase January 1, 2017 to $90.00/year. Current limited members will have 30 days prior to or after their date of membership to renew for the next one year time period. (after grace period, members not renewing will be dropped off list)