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Membership Application Process – Waiting List – download application form (sponsors required) Expected time on waiting list (Apr 2018 update)-1+ year

Full Members – Do you need additional Safety Overseers at your Recreational Bay Reservation Event?

Sponsors required? – YES, 4 active Full members or 1 Board member (prior to getting on waiting list)

How do I obtain sponsors?

Membership includes – Main member + Associate member + minor children + minor grandchildren

Initiation fee? – YES, $240.00 (one time) [hiatus available to applicants]

Orientation req’d? – YES at time of acceptance (club vote also required at same time)

Annual Dues -240.00/yr due by Dec 31st ea. year (Seniors=$180.00/yr @ renewal only)

Voting rights – YES, after one year conditional membership and in good-standing

Run for office – YES, see bylaw requirements

Range Fees – None/day-members, Juniors N/C, guests N/C except on main range=weekends $10.00/day

Allowed-Guests – 3 ea. prime member + 3 ea. Associate Member, (minor children, minor grandchildren not counted as guests)

Req’d Active NRA? – YES

Range Access – Entire range, 24 hrs/7 days-except when others have priority. FIRST-COME basis

Holster-carry/draw allowed? – YES, in private bays

FULL MEMBERSHIP  pdf FORM http://tinyurl.com/FullMembership2018

FULL ANNUAL= = 240.00/YR dues + 240.00 initiation fee (1x) (renewal dues rate=180.00 for 65yrs and older when renewing and declared – proof of age required) (send in application only to get on waiting list – Once you are accepted, you will need to complete waiver, NRA membership, membership fees, club vote, safety orientation) You will need to gain the three signatures on your application (or one Board member), by the time you are called to join. Effective starting September 14th, 2016, SIGNATURES WILL BE REQUIRED TO GET ON WAITING LIST for Full MEMBERSHIP!

When membership CAP is reached, all applicants will go on a waiting list until vacancies open up. Membership enrollment and acceptance begins each April. Applicants will be called when an opening is available. If you wish to apply, then download the application form and send in via US MAIL without PAYMENT. By Mail: West End Gun Club PO Box 541 Upland, CA 91785-0541 (Do Not send to the clubhouse – we do not pick up mail there but once per month)

You will be placed on a list and will be evaluated on a first-come, first serve basis. Existing members in good standing have an opportunity to renew their memberships at the end of the year. Those that do not renew will open up slots for new applicants. MEMBERSHIPS will be officially open for evaluation in APRIL. * We will be calling in Feb, March if we know that openings will be available

Once you have been notified that an opening is available for you:

FULL MEMBERSHIP –NRA membership required – 2 forms (download here from website) – attend club meeting held 2nd Tues of each month (new members must be voted in to be admitted to the club) (safety orientation and range etiquette/rules will be administered) Meeting lasts approx. 2-1/2 hours. Gate code and membership card is given out. Membership also includes spouse, minor children, minor grandchildren. The spouse must attend orientation if an additional card is required. FULL members are allowed up to 3 additional guests besides immediate family. Associate member (spouse) can also bring three additional guests. Access is 24hours/7days a week (some limitations apply – see Calendar andAnnouncements for range use and closures.

NOTE:Anyone requiring SAFETY ORIENTATION, should contact the RANGEDIRECTORto schedule ORIENTATION and CARD ISSUANCE.

Payment methods accepted = CASH, CHECK, VISA, MASTERCARD (only for FULL MEMBERSHIP. LIMITED MEMBERS @ range can only use CASH and CHECK for payment)

Contact Membership to arrange for an ORIENTATION and ISSUANCE of cards.

Clubhouse Address – / CLUB MEETINGS: Second Tuesday of each month Hours 6:30-9:00 (aprox)

1324 East Fourth Street

Ontario, CA 91764

Located at the Southeast corner of Fourth Street and Grove.


NOTE: FULL MEMBERSHIPS are available through a waiting list system. Submit an application to get on waiting list. [You must email or mail it in (with signature(s)to get accepted] Send NO Money. 2016 update Note: If you send in the application without the sponsors the application will be sent back to you for the sponsors. Effective starting September 14th, 2016, SIGNATURES WILL BE REQUIRED TO GET ON WAITING LIST for Full MEMBERSHIP! (apply by email to membership–or–US MAIL)We are now at CAPACITY, once again. We will take membership applications for the WAITING LIST. We expect to start contacting prospective members once again in 2017. Apply by U.S. Mail (By Mail: West End Gun Club PO Box 541 Upland, CA 91785-0541 (Do Not send to the clubhouse where mail does not get picked up weekly)


When sending in your application apply@wegc.org, consider including a statement requesting a CONFIRMATION, such as:

I have attached a copy of the application with the required signature(s). I understand there is a waiting list of potential members. I want to thank you for considering me as a potential member. If possible may I receive a follow up to this email? I would like to know if my application reached the proper destination and in the “queue”. If possible may I also know where I stand on the waiting list.
Thank you


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(needed for members and guests, but not required to get on waiting list)