ORIENTATION – Range Safety

April 2018 update: The Board of Directors has approved the use of an ONLINE ORIENTATION process as an alternative method to CERTIFY members on SAFETY. The ONLINE ORIENTATION process will offer a visual and audio presentation, designed to give the member an overview of our RANGE RULES and procedures that are expected by every member. As of January 1, 2018 every ASSOCIATE MEMBER that wishes to oversee 3 guests at the range, must have completed the ORIENTATION either ONLINE or in PERSON. Once the member has completed the ORIENTATION, they can be issued a CARD, associated with the MAIN MEMBER (FULL MEMBERS).  Limited Members are welcome to participate in the ONLINE ORIENTATION, but will still be required to receive instruction from the RangeMasters at the range before given membership access F,Sat,Sun.



Members can REFRESH their knowledge of RANGE SAFETY  on this page.

Slides are set to change every 7 seconds. Y0u can PAUSE, reverse, or advance the slides at your leisure.

ONLINE ORIENTATIONS, coming soon……….

To schedule a RANGE SAFETY ORIENTATION, email a request to rstaff@wegc.org

To access or download RANGE RULES, go here.