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UPCOMING SCHEDULED (partial) RANGE MAINTENANCE CLOSURES-see Range Report for more information and updated changes. NOTE-This is not the entire range status, only partial areas.


The MAIN RANGE is considered OPEN to LIMITED MEMBERS Friday, Saturday, Sunday UNLESS they fall on MAJOR HOLIDAYS [included Mother’s Day], calendar is marked CLOSED, or EMERGENCIES require that RANGE be CLOSED for SAFETY reasons.
***In any month that has a 5th Sat &/or a 5th Sun, the back range is open for use by the WEGC Full members, ON THOSE DAYS. No matches are scheduled for these days. These days are commonly referred as, “MEMBER’S DAYS”.

Note: Show up early if you want to shoot longrange in the back pads. Longrange shooting ties up several bays and should be done before 10 AM to be courteous to other shooters. When choosing a bay, choose the lower numbered bays up front before going all the way to the back. This will allow more 200 yard shooters an opportunity to use the back range. When shooting from the longrange pads, go all the way down range to make sure there are no shooters in back bays. Remember to close gate access to back bays when using longrange pads. SAFETY FIRST AND ALWAYS!

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