Map of Range-Bays-Pads

NOTE: MAY 5 2018 update- Bays have been expanded and renumbered; 1-17 , starting with bay 1 just North of main range.


Map will be updated in near future.

1 a
2 b
3 c
4 d
5 e
6 1
7 2
8 3
9 4
10 5
11 6
12 7a
13 7b
14 8
15 9
16 10
17 11



Back Bay Usuage on most weekends. Note: schedule subject to change.



West End Gun Club is a unique facility that offers a vast array of shooting disciplines and opportunities for its members and guests.  Our By Laws clearly state that the one of the goals of the Club is hosting or sponsoring educational and organized shooting events.  This position goes back well into the early 2000’s.

Our Club features the main range area which has expanded over the years to accommodate dozens of static line shooters and our back bays, numbered 1 – 11, that host our organized matches (Disciplines) on weekends.  Some of the back bays are available to members on weekends and almost exclusive to members during the weekdays.   These shooting bays differ in depth and width and have been used for matches for more than 14 years for both shooting disciplines and recreational shooters.

In recent months the issue of organized matches utilization of these bays on weekends became an issue during the elections.  Much was said about organized disciplines using all the bays on most weekends.

The Club has hosted organized matches for more than 14 years.  The current match calendar, almost exclusively starting on weekend mornings, has been active and in place since most of us joined the club.  Participation is optional, but is highly encouraged among the membership.  Organized matches enhance bay usage as several members and guests use the bays participating together and also bring additional revenue into the Club.  In 2013, the organized matches brought in more than $66,000.oo to support not just the matches and Club’s activities as a whole.

Most area Clubs offer matches on weekend mornings as well.  What we offer is the norm and historical to our club as it is in so many others.

A calendar year accounts for a total of 1,144 bays available on weekends.  Organized matches currently account for 568 of the 1,144 bays available on weekends, slightly less than half and certainly not  as purported in recent election related rhetoric.  Additionally, almost all matches conclude around 1400 hours, give or take, leaving additional hours on weekends until darkness available to the membership.  When you look at the number of available bays daily for an entire year it totals 4,015 bays but the match schedule remains basically the same  at 568 bays and does not change,  Most matches are held on weekend mornings and it is so at the majority of Club ranges in the area.

Facilities like Burro Canyon and Lytle Creek are Public Ranges permitted by the Forest Service and are not equal comparisons to West End Gun Club.

A review of range bay utilization based upon the current match schedule is offered for your review in both print and graphic layout as a factual depiction of actual range bay use.

As indicated below you will also see the long-standing tradition of Club matches spanning several WEGC Club Administrations, Boards and Directors dating back to the early 2000’s.  Some will continue to take a position of reducing the number of matches (Disciplines) for their own agenda trying to create a divide where one need not exist.   As you can see below what is currently offered in the form of matches and recreational shooter opportunities is equitable and allows for both matches and member access to back bays.