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Range address update Apr 26 2018 (may not show on online maps; google, mapquest)


Fire County Road 1N33

 2200 Meyers Canyon Road
San Bernardino, CA 92407

NOTE: We are a PRIVATE CLUB and NOT OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. You are welcome to come out on weekends F, Sat, Sun 8-4PM (except on major holidays) and visit us,  BUT- we may not be able to give you a range tour.  *Your visit may be limited to the MAIN RANGE if our staff for that weekend is not able to leave main range.  VIDEO RANGE TOUR Our MAIN RANGE, rifle and pistol range is open to WEGC Members (LIMITED AND FULL MEMBERS) and guests of Members Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  The Main range features 100 yard rifle and 50 yard pistol shooting positions with shade and comfortable benches.  Targets and frames are provided.   (Mandatory safety glasses, ear protection) and additional targets are available to purchase. The firing line is controlled by our  Range Officer, providing a safe and secure place to sight in your rifle or handgun. See Range Rules for guidance of SAFE conduct. Hearing and Eye Protection are mandatory. Driving on the range is limited to 5 mph or less. Limited Members have access to the Main Range Fri-Sunday when the Range Officer is present from 8AM-4PM. Full Members have access to the range 24 hours – 365 days a year when it is not fully occupied by other members.

*Fri,Sat, Sun 8a.m-4p.m. -Visitors wanting to tour the Main Range facilities only are accommodated by the Staff on demand.
Visitors wanting to tour the back ranges can only be accommodated when Main Range attendance is light and at least two Range Masters are on-duty ORwhen the visitors have made a reservation in advance.  Staff would like to provide this tour service ‘on-demand’, but Main Range Safety takes priority.  Visitors that can not be accommodated are currently advised to review the website and turned away.
Visitors to Matches are expected to arrive prior to and attend the Match Safety briefing.  Visitors arriving later are turned away unless specific prior arrangements have been made by the Match Director with the Range Masters.  The Safety concern is that once the Matches start there is no ‘check-in’ point to handle visitor briefing/escort/liability waivers.

** Some events may make use of the range and its facilities and preclude members from using it for short periods of time. (Discussions are now taking place concerning the expansion of this Main Range to include additional shooting pads) In addition to the main firing line, our shotgun range (Trap & Skeet) is open to members and their guests on  the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Saturdays of each month. This includes a skeet range and a trap range.  It is run by volunteers and subject to their availability.  See Shotgun page for more information. The first 4 weekends of each month, WEGC hosts shooting events/matches from several shooting disciplines.  Members and guests are welcome to participate.  Contact a Director for more information if you are interested.  See Discipline pages. Most matches and events take place in the Back Range area. Monthly matches are generally finished by early afternoon and the Back Range areas are then open to Full Members.



You will see a  sign on the range-gate that has been installed at the back part of the range, just before Bays 7 through 11. This sign is requesting members to please use Bays 1 through 6 first if it is before 10 am and when they are available. This is requested as a courtesy to the rifle shooters who use the 200 meter pad Monday through Friday before 10 am. Please share the range with your fellow West End members. Your cooperation and courtesy will be greatly appreciated by everyone. REMEMBER: please carry a full sized shovel  when on the Back Range areas. Your membership card is required to be in your possession at all time when accessing the facilities and shooting ranges. This provides proper identification, gate code, and emergency information. RANGE & FACILITY MAP (courtesy of Wayne Kraemer – updated April 2011.)