Youth Shooting Sports Program


Boys and girls, ages under 18 years of age, are eligible to participate in the Youth Shooting Sports Program. They must become Junior NRA Members and they must have written permission from their parents. (Parents do not have to be club members.) 

Dues are $20 dollars annually for the membership, and there is no range fee. (updated Oct 24, 2010 per MJ) the Junior NRA membership does not entitle youth to use range outside of YSSP sponsored activities unless accompanied by another club member.

First and foremost, youngsters are taught Range Safety. Safe handling of firearms must be demonstrated and practiced before they are allowed to shoot. Once those prerequisites are met, then shooting positions are demonstrated and practiced before shooting live ammunition is allowed.

Youth Shooting Sports Calendar 2017
The 1st Saturday of each month ~ Meet at Redland’s Shooting Park at 8:30am for shotgun shooting. (8:30 to 11:30)-Redlands    {Shooting Park-2125 Orange St, Redlands, CA 92374 (909) 335-8844}
The second Saturday is reserved for Groups, Scouts, 4H, Church, etc. by appointment only. 

Until further notice, the following schedule will apply to 3rd Saturdays: 3rd Saturday Rifle 8:30 to 10:00 and Pistol 10:00 to 11:30. (update Sept 7 2015 per RH)

Rifles in .22 caliber, with target sights, are used to shoot at 50 foot, NRA bullseye targets. Rifles and ammunition are supplied by the club.

The junior shooter shoots five shots at each of 10 bullseyes on the standard 50 foot NRA bullseye target and the score is recorded on the junior’s individual record sheet.

Juniors advance in rank as their scores improve. The ranks are set by the NRA, starting with Pro-Marksman and running through Distinguished expert. The rate at which each junior advances is determined by their own drive to excel.

As they advance, awards are given for each rank. The junior receives patches, medals, or certificates at each level of achievement. These NRA awards are provided by the club.

Parents are encouraged to participate. Doing so helps build an effective parent – child relationship and improves range supervision.

Juniors will need a WAIVER of LIABILITY signed by their parent or legal guardian before they can shoot.

Download the document HERE (click for download) : WEGC Waiver form adopted 01-11-11

HERE is a link to some very good reading material that I want every Junior to know and understand.




We wish to give TURNER’S OUTDOORSMAN , big THANKS for their conntinuing assistance in making our YOUTH SHOOTING SPORTS PROGRAMS successful.