Founded way back in 1875, the California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA) is an organization of sportsmen dedicated to the preservation of our American heritage. In this age of constant political attacks on the rights of law-abiding citizens to own and use firearms for legitimate purposes, the CRPA is the state organization dedicated to protecting firearm freedoms and promoting shooting sports solely in the State of California.

CRPA’s lobbyist in Sacramento fights adverse firearms legislation and advances laws that will protect your rights.

CRPA’s Counsel for Litigation and Local Affairs files appropriate litigation against the state or cities that pass unconstitutional or illegal ill-conceived gun control laws, monitors local legislative efforts, and mobilizes CRPA’s resources to oppose those efforts as necessary.

CRPA’s bimonthly publication, The Firing Line and website keeps its members abreast of current legislative and shooting news, as well as offering a public forum so members can express their views in print.

Though the CRPA is the official state association of the National Rifle Association, the CRPA is a stand alone California non-profit corporation, independently controlled by its own Board of Directors. CRPA’s members include: law enforcement officers, prosecutors, professionals, firearm experts, the general public, and loving parents.

Historically, the CRPA has played an important role in promoting the shooting sports by conducting state championship matches for adults and young shooters, teaching firearms safety, and supporting state teams to the national championships each year.


  • CA DOJ Withdraws Proposed “Assault Weapon” Definitions Regulations July 11, 2018
    Less than two months ago, the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms (“CA DOJ”) formally submitted a proposed regulation expanding the application of its improperly adopted “assault weapon” definitions to apply in all circumstances. The Office of Administrative Law (“OAL”) was scheduled to decide whether to approve the regulation yesterday. Fol […]
  • Kavanaugh and the 2nd Amendment July 10, 2018
    Last night, President Trump announced his latest nominee for the Supreme Court; gun owners will have another ally on the high court.   Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and all that it encompasses. He knows the meaning of “shall not be infringed” and understands that the right to keep… The post Kavanaugh and the 2nd Amendmen […]
  • Another, Yes Another, California DOJ Data Breach and Privacy Violation July 9, 2018
    California DOJ’s “assault weapon” registration system has been plagued with problems, but perhaps the worst yet is its improper disclosing of personal information to other registrants. That is right, CRPA has confirmed reports that individuals using the registration system were improperly given access to the registration information of other gun owners. In a […]
  • SCOTUS Candidates & the 2nd Amendment July 9, 2018
    With the retirement of Justice Kennedy from the Supreme Court, an opportunity arose for the 2nd Amendment community for a justice to not only tip the scales in a conservative majority but for the opportunity for a 2nd Amendment case to be heard at the highest court in our great country. No official list of… The post SCOTUS Candidates & the 2nd Amendment […]
  • ‘Gun rights are human rights’ July 9, 2018
    ‘Gun rights are human rights’: pro-gun rally counters gun control movement   Photo: About 50 gun rights advocates marched in Los Angeles on Saturday as part of the March 4 Our Rights, a conservative counterpoint to the March for Our Lives. Photograph: Lois Beckett for The Guardian for the Guardian About 50 pro-gun activists marched… The post ‘Gun rights are […]
  • The Calm Before The Legislative Storm July 6, 2018
    On July 6th, the legislature officially adjourned for its summer recess. For California’s gun owners, it means we can breathe a sigh of relief for a few brief weeks while the elitist gun grabbers are out of the Capitol. For the next month, the relentless attack on our rights will be on hold. While the… The post The Calm Before The Legislative Storm appeared […]
  • Trophy Hunter Criticised July 6, 2018
    Click image to get full story   Here’s what CRPA’s Executive Director has to say in reply to the criticism:   This story is why people need to be educated. That giraffe was going to die one way or another. His very existence flies in the face of our model of conservation as the animal… The post Trophy Hunter Criticised appeared first on California Rifle
  • Another California DOJ SNAFU July 6, 2018
    Miss the “Assault Weapon” Registration Deadline? Here’s How to Stay Out of Jail NRA and CRPA attorneys have prepared an informative bulletin for gun owners unable or unwilling to register their “bullet-button” firearms as “assault weapons.” This information bulletin provides summaries of the legal options available to gun owners besides registration and addi […]
  • INFORMATION BULLETIN: For Gun Owners Who Did Not Register Their Firearms as “Assault Weapons” July 6, 2018
    The post INFORMATION BULLETIN: For Gun Owners Who Did Not Register Their Firearms as “Assault Weapons” appeared first on California Rifle & Pistol Association.
  • Upcoming Issue CRPA Firing Line (July/August 2018) July 5, 2018
    Please allow for .pdf to load; this may include refreshing your browser. The post Upcoming Issue CRPA Firing Line (July/August 2018) appeared first on California Rifle & Pistol Association.


Every dollar that CRPA receives stays and works in California to support your hunting and Second Amendment rights.

Why Join CRPA

CRPA Member Benefits and Services


1. Represents California firearms owners.
2. Defends the right to self-defense.
3. Gets your message out.
4. Trains gun owners.
5. Promotes safe gun ownership & use.
6. Sanctions championship shooting competitions.
7. Protects the hunting and shooting sports.
8. Keeps you informed.

With Your Membership in the CRPA You Will:

Receive the informative bi-monthly magazine, The Firing Line. It’s timely, educational and has the information you’ve asked for, want and need.

Learn about the most recent voting records of political candidates – know who your pro-gun representatives are – it’s your valuable election guide.

Obtain for Free a copy of Know Your California Gun Laws, your CRPA Member decal and membership card.

Participate in CRPA supported State competitive shooting events

Protect your right to keep and use firearms – for sports, hobby, and peace of mind.

Maintain your right to self-defense – protect yourself when no one else will.

Honor America’s firearms heritage – It’s your Constitutional legacy.

Fight fanatical firearms restrictions – Your voice does make a difference.

Promote and supports organized, competitive and recreational shooting activities.

Support the only California-based gun owner’s rights organization with a full-time, salaried legislative advocate in Sacramento.

Combat firearms abuse through enhanced criminal penalties and law enforcement.

Support youth firearm activities such as the Jr. Olympics Training Camps, Junior State Championships and safety training.


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